All about Tricking

Tricking History

It is well known that human beings have always tried to explore their limits and develop incredible movements. Back in the 50’s, some of these movements were starting to be popular.

Tricking as a discipline started back in the 60’s, where Taekwondo and Karate tournaments’ participants started to show modified or new tricks that were nothing that the regular discipline ones. Regardless of this, Tricking was not taken seriously up to the 90’s and in 2000. On this year, tournaments of Xtreme Martial Arts started, and they are considered precursors of Tricking.

On these competitions, competitors started to use new and extreme movements. It was here when these movements were called tricks. Some of the participants were Daniel Sterling, Chris Devera, Steve Terada, Marc Canonizado, Anthony Atkins, Butch Marjs, Manny Brown and KalmanCsoka, who where dominating the tournaments and calling the attention of many other disciplines.

The growth of Tricking

Tricking become very popular thanks to videos shared on the Internet.

In February 2000 was created. This website contacted a bunch of people that already did Tricking: Chris Devera, Hoai Le, Chris Balualua, Anthony Gooch and Isiah Flores among others, and they later formed Team Loopkicks, which is still the most important Tricking team in the word. Between 2000 and 2001 webs like Trickbusters and Yellwboy’s site were created.

Tricking arrived to Europe in 2001 through the first edition of French Open, in Paris, where several American Tricking starts showed up. and Club540

Almost in 2002, was created by Jon Call, also known as Jujimufu. On this website several tutorial videos for doing tricks were uploaded regularly. This website was a strong motivation for hundreds of people all over America (mainly USA). Club540, created by Sean Cannon, was another very important Tricking website, as it allowed trickers to register and create the tricktionary. This tricktionary enlists the already known tricks and includes tutorials on how to do them. Both websites are in English.

Later, in 2006, the Youtube channel Nopacnone was created. Here people like Andrea Catozzi, RemiBakkar and Alessio Da Col started to upload tricking tutorials.

Growth on the Spanish culture

In Spanish, as Tricking was not a very popular term, some other were used: “patadasextremas” (extreme kicks), “artesmarcialesextremas” (extreme martial arts), “acrobaciasextremas” (extreme acrobatics) or “saltosacrobaticos” (acrobatic jumps).

Between 2003 and 2004 born website. In January 2007, born Tricking-SP and in April in Argentina appear, which presents tricking tutorials for the whole south America.

As Facebook was created that same year, plenty of trickers started to form small groups and to share tricks and tutorials about Tricking.

Growth of Tricking all over the world

At the start of 2008, Tricking’s popularity was increased thanks to some tricking teams: Loopkicks, Unito, Team FS, FlipmonkSqaud, Disastrickz, FuerzaFurioso, New Age Ninjas (NAN), Rain City Tricking of Olympia, Xtr3m3flip3rs, Washington and Invincible Tricking.

Anyway, the terms Tricking Martial Arts was not recognized globally until 2009, when thousands of trickers from all over the globe started to upload their tutorials and recorded tricks to Youtube and Facebook. This growth has been exponential up to nowadays.