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Trickstar Battle

Trickstar Battle is a competition organized by the Youtube channel Flow, and is nothing less than a battle to determine the best tricker world.

Battle Trickstar

Luxury with a jury composed by none other than Steve Terada, Chris Balualua and Anis Cheurfa, tricking legends, contestants have 5 passes to demonstrate their skills and better combos with which the jury will have to make if they want to move to the next instance.

You can see every encounter in the channel: FLOW

Or I leave the list of fighting so they can relive:


Round 1: Micah Karns vs. Andrew Franklin

Round 2: Matt Emig vs. Sesshomaru

Round 3: Jefferson ‘JL’ Lewis III vs. Andy Le

Round 4: Nelson Zuniga vs. Moe Alafrangy

Round 5: Kyle Cordova v Kyle McLean

Round 6: Will Coneys v Michael Guthrie

Round 7: Vellu Saarela vs Chris Afonso

Round 8: Tim Farley vs Pat Chu

Cuartos de Final

Quarter Final 1: Nelson Zuniga vs Bailey Payne

Quarter Final 2: Andy Le vs Andrew Franklin

Quarter Final 3: Tim Farley vs Kyle Cordova

Quarter Final 4: Michael Guthrie vs Chris Afonso


Trickstar Semi-Final 1: Andrew Franklin vs Bailey Payne

Trickstar Semi-Final 2: Kyle Cordova vs Michael Guthrie


Trickstar Final: Andrew Franklin vs Michael Guthrie